Lets be honest, how many of us have thought at least once to have our own studio? Aye, that’s why you are here right? So let me break it down for you step wise as I have experience lot of struggle to get he right things done after experimenting a lot which also cost me, my time and money so lets just not invest any more of it because I am going to disclose you’re the basic criteria and things you will need to make your own music production at home all by yourself. Doesn’t it sound great? Lets hop into it –

•    Pick up the quietest room in your house and shift in. It must be away from the main road so that by default you will be away from the major noise source itself and less resources to make it studio like.
•    Get some sound proofing done where you feel that its needed.
•    Eliminate echo – One major and the most important thing that a musician focuses on is the echo. Because not many of us know but echo can be created if needed by adding or so BUT it can never be eliminated or removed. So once a echo has taken place during recording then there is nothing on earth that can eliminate it what so ever.
•    Set up your microphone [ Use dynamic mic if you live in an area which already has a hum in the air for instance living in the middle of the city and you cannot afford sound proofs or thin on budget. Use condenser mic only if you have a noise less zone created as it is very sensitive to the sound, studio recordings use condenser mic and stage shows use dynamic mics], tripod, amplifier if required, the computer set up to record and camera if needed.
•    Get a music editing software [ Free or paid] to edit music. You can get a music tunes creation software for instruments as well.
So you are all set to rock and roll. Be a star in this musical journey.